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Convenience, accessibility and care for the whole person


A conversation with Damon Auer, CEO and General Manager of North America for Dedalus

Listen to this special edition of The Tate Chronicles as they dive deep into the concept of the Unbridled Provider as detailed in recent blog post. Shift to ambulatory care, such as urgent care centers and telemedicine, offering convenience and transparent accessibility. These new entrants are designed and priced for consumers. Additionally, these new entrants are not limited by overhead or service recovery fees. They focus on convenience, accessibility, treatment of the whole person and stimulate the search for new models of care delivery. This will force the ‘unbundling’ and unraveling of traditional provider models, driving the creation of human-centred, connected health care and health ecosystems. Learn more about Daedalus and follow them on Twitter @DedalusNorth.

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Dedalus’ vision is for a digitally enabled healthcare ecosystem where all stakeholders actively collaborate across the continuum of care to improve the user and clinician experience. With an undisputed cutting-edge portfolio of leading next-generation solutions and the largest research and development teams in the healthcare industry, Dedalus covers the entire spectrum of needs of over 6,300 healthcare organizations worldwide.

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