It will soon be time for the tech world to turn its attention back to Mountain View. Google has revealed the date for this year’s I/O conference. The event is scheduled for May 14.

Google for developers revealed the date in an annoying way. He asked people to complete a tedious logic puzzle (think of the path puzzles from BioShock). After enough people kindly completed all 15 levels and delivered the orb to its destination again and again, Google announced when I/O would happen. And this year the event will be one day.

While I/O is a conference for developers, there is always a lot of interest for users. The keynote, for example, should provide a look at some upcoming Pixel and Android features. We’ll also likely learn about Google’s next steps in the rapidly evolving AI space (let’s hope it doesn’t rebrand its chatbots again). Of course, we’ll have full coverage of the keynote and everything else you need to know from I/O right here on Engadget.