An update to Google Wallet has further simplified the process of getting all your cards in one place. According to this week’s release notes for spotted by Android Reporter, Google says that movie tickets and boarding passes will now automatically show up after purchase, as long as the confirmation email has reached the user’s Gmail inbox. It may not work for every theater chain or airline yet, but Google says the feature is live for “some” and more should be added in time.

Google is changing Wallet little by little to make it more useful. The company last month so Android smartwatch users can easily access their tickets from their wrist. This includes boarding passes, event tickets, gym memberships, loyalty cards and more. According to the latest release notes, Google has also added a way for users to manually back up most of their passes from their smartphone or smartwatch. They will be moved to a section called Archived Passes, where users will be able to undo the action if they made a mistake or need to refer to an old pass.