The gaming notebook market is getting very competitive and it all started with Steam Deck. Yes, there were gaming handhelds before Valve released the Deck, but this is the one that made a big push in this segment. After that we saw many releases including Asus Rog Ally, Lenovo Legion Goand GPD Win 4.

Regarding GPD Win 4, the company has updated the device version to 2024. Like its predecessor, it comes with AMD APU. But since this is a 2024 model, we’re seeing the use of the latest Hawk Point processors, which offer a massive boost in AI performance. The rest of the aspects of the gaming handheld are more or less the same as the predecessors.

GPD Win 4 is beyond the Steam Deck

As mentioned earlier, the handheld gaming craze started with the release of the Steam Deck. So for most of the new releases, the gaming rig from Valve is still the base level. As for GPD Win 4, it is more than Steam Deck in most aspects. Here is a quick overview of all its highlights to give you a better idea of ​​the device:

The same processing power as your gaming laptop

Although the 2042 GPD Win 4 has a small and portable form factor, its processing power is the same as your gaming laptop. After all, it comes with the same AMD Hawk Point processors that the 2024 laptops come with. To be more specific, the gaming handheld comes with AMD Ryzen 7 8840U and Ryzen 5 8640U.

Between the two, Ryzen 7 features 8 cores and 16 threads, while Ryzen 5 carries 6 cores and 12 threads. The former can offer 38 TOPS of total CPU performance, while the latter can deliver 31 TOPS. What’s more, you can configure Win 4 with up to 64 GB of LPDDR5x RAM and 4 TB of Gen 4 SSD storage.

GPD Win 4 processors

This practically means that a handheld gaming device can allow you to do any productive work on the go. It has the processing power to handle almost anything you throw at it without any issues. If you’re looking for benchmark results, 2024 GPD Win 4 achieves 7609.4 in multi-core and 880 in single-core on CPU-Z v19.01.64.

Gaming performance with GPD Win 4

While the GPD Win 4 is great in everyday pocket applications, it excels in gaming as well. Thanks to the integrated AMD Radeon 780M GPU, you can expect to run almost all modern games with FPS playback. To be more specific, the gaming handheld can offer much better performance than the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti, which is a discrete GPU.

iGPU performance

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Of course, you may feel the need for more GPU power. To meet these requirements, GPU Win 4 comes with an outstanding Oculink port which supports a direct PCIe connection. This brings 63 Gbps of bandwidth, which is higher than lightning and USB ports. Thanks to this, you can get desktop-class gaming performance with GPD Win 4.

eGPU for GPD Win 4

Yes, you can say that it is not easy to get the eGPU setup right. Well, GPD have thought of that. The company also offers the GPD G1 Graphics Dock with the gaming handheld. This docking station comes with an AMD RX 7600M XT mobile GPU. Like Win 4, the G1 Dock prioritizes portability. So you can basically carry a full-fledged gaming setup with you anywhere and everywhere.

PC grade cooling setup on GPD Win 4

Powerful hardware is one thing, achieving adequate performance is another. One thing that can cause a handheld gaming device to perform poorly, even with high quality components, is the cooling setup. The good news is that GPD Win 4 doesn’t skimp on it.

GPD Win 4 2024 Cooling System

As the company says, the gaming pocket PC comes with a PC-grade cooling fan. He notes thick heat pipes, an efficient fan, and proper ventilation. All this contributes to a cooling efficiency that is 35% better than GPD Win 3.

Portable gaming device screen

Apart from the hardware and cooling setup, the gaming handheld should excel in terms of display. Well, GPD Win 4 is no slouch in this regard either. It comes with a 6-inch eye care display that can provide native 1080p resolution.

GPD Win 4 screen

While it does a great job of displaying the games you’re playing, there is one downside. Most of the latest gaming handhelds come with high refresh rate displays. But the GPD Win 4 maxes out at 60Hz, which is fine considering it’s a mobile gaming device, but a higher refresh rate would make the gaming experience much better.

Various ports and other highlights of GPD Win 4

2024 GPD Win 4 Pocket Gaming PC comes with a nice number of connectivity ports. To meet video, data and charging requirements, it offers one USB42x USB 3.2 Type-C, one HDMI 2.0 and one USB 3.2 Type-A.

Other highlights of the gaming handheld include a full QWERTY keyboard, tuned joystick, D-Pad, and a 45.62 Wh battery. You can learn more about the handheld gaming device from the video attached below.

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