Good morning. I hope you are having a good weekend so far. Unfortunately, our recording schedule meant I didn’t get to the fact that the DOJ filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple—it’ll pop up again and again over the next six months—but we do have Apple striking a possible deal with Google to use its Gemini AI in future iPhones. Yeah, I didn’t expect that to come either.

If you’re one of our readers looking to spend money, get ready for Dyson’s next-generation robot vacuum finally making its US debut. It’s only $1,200. Sorry, $1199.

This week’s stories:

🧠➡️💻 Neuralink’s first human patient controlling a computer with his thoughts

🤖🧹Dyson enters the US robot vacuum market with the 360 ​​Vis Nav

🍎🤖 Apple wants to bring Google’s Gemini AI to the iPhone

And read this:

Just read on as Engadget editor (and Doctor Who critic) Daniel Cooper punches Disney+ in the solar plexus with its terrible global strategy for releasing the next series featuring the Time Lord. The first two hour-long episodes are released on May 11 and will then be broadcast on BBC One later that day in prime time. But that initial online launch is at midnight if you’re in the UK. Dan lives in the UK. Daniel is not happy.