Whatever is said, the mid-range smartphone market is the most interesting segment. This is where we see the most competition. All competing brands aim to offer the most for less. But not all mid-range models are the same. Some are better than others. So what is the case with Nothing Phone (2a) vs Pixel 7a?

For starters, both the Google Pixel 7a and the Nothing Phone (2a) are solid mid-range devices. But the newer phone from Nothing has an edge over Google’s most affordable option. Want to know exactly where the new phone takes the lead? Keep reading!

No phone (2a) is cheaper than the Pixel 7a

Let’s get one of the most important factors out of the way: price. Yes, the Nothing Phone (2a) boasts a lower price. The Pixel 7a starts at $449, while the Nothing Phone (2a) is available for a cool $100 less at $349. However, you only get the $349 price through the Nothing developer program.

With $100 in savings on the Nothing Phone (2a), you can grab one of the the best affordable wireless headphones. Of course, it’s worth noting that the Pixel 7a sees discounts from time to time, which could make it stand close to the new nothing phone.

Phone (2a) has a cooler design

The Nothing Phone (2a) punches above its weight in the design department. It’s hard to believe that this stylish phone comes at such a budget price. In contrast to the more traditional look of the Pixel 7a, the Nothing Phone (2a) boasts a unique, semi-transparent body that catches the eye.

Nothing Phone (2a) design

This eye-catching design is further enhanced by the Glyph Interface on the back which adds a touch of futuristic flair. Plus, the Nothing Phone (2a) is both sleeker and lighter than the Pixel 7a, making it a comfortable and stylish choice.

You get better battery life with the phone (2a)

Battery life is crucial for any phone, and here the Nothing Phone (2a) surprises again. Although it has a smaller 5,000 mAh battery compared to the Pixel 7a’s 5,500 mAh, the Nothing Phone (2a) provides significantly more endurance. And if you’re wondering why, it’s mainly because of the chipset.

The newer phone (2a) comes with a more power-efficient SoC than the Pixel 7a. In battery comparison tests, the former gets about 15 hours of operation, while the latter can only get up to 10 hours. That’s about 5 hours difference, which is not small at all.

Nothing Phone (2a) battery

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Pixel 7a charging slower than phone (2a)

Fast charging is a game-changer, and the Nothing Phone (2a) boasts a clear advantage here. While budget phones often skimp on charging speeds, the Nothing Phone (2a) breaks the mold with its fast 45W wired charging. That puts the Pixel 7a’s slow 18W charging to shame.

In the real world, this means the Nothing Phone (2a) can reach 61% battery capacity in just 30 minutes, compared to the Pixel 7a’s measly 43% in the same time period. So when you’re short on time, Nothing Phone (a) lets you get back to using your phone much faster.

Better smartphone camera control Nothing

While both phones offer similar camera features like panoramas, portrait mode, and time-lapse, the Nothing Phone (2a) caters to photography enthusiasts with one key advantage: true handheld mode.

Nothing Phone (2a) camera

This may seem like a minor detail, but for those who like to have creative control over their photos, it’s a game changer. With Nothing Phone’s manual mode (2a), you can adjust the shutter speed, focus and ISO level to achieve the exact look you desire. They basically allow you to go beyond the limitations of auto mode. You get more artistic expression and more flexibility in capturing stunning photos.

The Nothing Phone (2a) doesn’t have a better-looking interface than the Pixel 7a

While both phones run Android, the user experience may differ. The Pixel 7a sticks to the familiar Android look and feel that many manufacturers have adopted. It’s clean and functional, but some may find it a bit boring.

Nothing OS

Here Nothing Phone (2a) stands out for its uniqueness Nothing OS 2.5 interface. It boasts a minimalistic aesthetic that is a refreshing departure from the typical Android look. Even small details like the dot matrix font contribute to a visually appealing and distinctive style. Like the Pixel 7a, there’s no unnecessary software cluttering the Nothing Phone (2a), making for a clean and user-friendly experience.

But the Pixel 7a is still a good phone to buy

Although the Nothing Phone (2a) leads in various aspects, the Pixel 7a still stands as a good mid-range phone. In truth, it’s better when you consider software support. Google’s phone is guaranteed to get major Android updates before the Nothing smartphone. It should also receive updates at least until May 2028.

Thick bezels on the Google Pixel 7a

Another thing that makes the Google Pixel 7a a better choice is its camera performance. While the Nothing Phone (2a) is also a decent performer, the Pixel gets Google Features for Computational Photography. In some aspects, the photos it takes could be better. So take these aspects into consideration when coming to a conclusion about Nothing Phone (2a) vs Pixel 7a.

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Nothing Phone (2a) vs Pixel 7a – Nothing Has the Lead