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PS5 owners have been waiting for Discord for a while. And while there were previous rumors of an update that included it, that update never came. Well, now it looks like the rumored PlayStation 5 update is just around the corner!

According to Tom Henderson, a respected PS5 publisher, Discord will soon land on the PlayStation 5. The upcoming version 7.0 update brings this integration to the console. And the update is set to land in March 2023.

PS5 x Discord: Improved communication and collaboration

Ever since Discord came out for Xbox players, PlayStation 5 players have been wondering when they would get the useful integration. And recently there was talk of Discord integration with the PS5. This rumor came with leaked screenshots showing that the feature is in testing phase. However, there was no official timetable.

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However, it’s unclear how the PlayStation 5 version of Discord will shape up. There’s a chance it will start simply by allowing players to use the voice chat feature through the mobile app. And once the layers are connected to each other, the call can be transferred to Discord’s console integration.

At least that was the initial implementation for Xbox consoles. However, since Discord is already native to Xbox, it could be native to PS5 from the start. The Discord team has already learned a lot about console integration during the months of Xbox betas. And all this knowledge can be useful for the integration of the PlayStation 5.

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Additionally, the PS5 version 7.0 update will also include the ability to stream PlayStation 5 games to the cloud. This was something that was already possible in PS4 and PS3 games. But with update 7.0, the Sony PS5 cloud streaming option that has been “in the works for months” will finally be part of PlayStation Plus Premium.

PlayStation 5 Gamers Rejoice: Discord Integration is on the Horizon!

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