The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 comes with a price tag of $1,799, which puts it firmly in the realm of premium smartphones. However, since the company has already introduced several generations of foldable phones, they may finally know how to cut costs and offer a cheaper version of their foldable phone. This theory stems from a new rumor surrounding the Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is one of the popular series of foldable phones. However, the phones are always flagship and have a premium price. Now, an online rumor suggests that Samsung might launch a more affordable version called the Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE.

For those who don’t know, the ‘FE’ brand is used by Samsung to denote the ‘Fan Edition’ and phones with this brand are often cheaper but provide an almost flagship experience.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE rumor comes from a South Korean tech website ETnews. The website suggests that two Galaxy Z Fold 6 models are being made. One of them will come with S-Pen support, while the other will not.

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Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE may be foldable without S Pen support. While the one with S Pen support will be the basic Z Fold 6. This strategy will allow Samsung to cut costs for a cheaper version.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE is the right choice

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE

The introduction of the new FE model is in line with the trend of Chinese companies offering foldable phones at lower prices. Also, in the future, when Apple introduces a foldable phone, Samsung can now position itself comfortably with its 2 models in different price segments.

Previously, there were also rumors of a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra model. However, the new version of FE may negate the chance of Ultra. Also, a cheaper version just makes more sense than releasing an Ultra for an already expensive device.

However, for now, these are just rumors and nothing official. We expect Samsung to hold the second Unpacked event later this year, probably around July/August.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE Is Coming, Suggests Rumor