Confession time: I already have a copy of Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for PS5 even though I don’t have a PlayStation 5 console yet. I never get consoles the moment they come out and usually wait a few years for their next release. In the case of the PlayStation 5, I thought it would be the PS5 Slim, but it looks like I may have another option by the end of the year: the PlayStation 5 Pro. Tom Henderson of Indoor games says the PS5 Pro details leaked by Moore’s Law is dead The YouTube channel comes from documentation that Sony itself recently sent to third-party developers.

Of course, take the website’s confirmation with a grain of salt, but Henderson has a pretty good track record when it comes to leaks. In 2022 he reported that Sony is developing a “true pro controller” for the PS5, two months before the DualSense Edge is officially announced. He also revealed that the company had planned to release a version of the console with a removable disk drive a full year before Sony unveiled the smaller and lighter PS5 model.

Based on leaked information about the PS5 Pro so far, it will offer an improved and consistent frame rate (FPS) at 4K, as well as a “performance mode” for 8K resolution. It’s also expected to be able to render games up to 45 percent faster and have ray tracing capabilities that are two to three times faster than its non-professional counterpart. Also, the documentation Moore’s Law is dead presented in the video shows that it will have a GPU with a performance of 67 Teraflops FP16 (33.5 Teraflops FP32), which indicates higher speeds and better graphics in general.

Henderson says Sony is targeting a holiday release for the PS5 Pro, most likely to take advantage of increased seasonal sales. However, this could still change depending on whether the company feels there haven’t been enough releases of first-party titles this year.