Instant messaging app Signal is best known for its privacy settings, but since phone numbers have been at the heart of the platform since its inception, until now there was no way to completely hide your own number. Earlier today, Signal announced that you’ll soon be able to create a unique username (not to be confused with your profile name) that you can share with others via a link or QR code — instead of sharing your number. You will be able to change your unique username as often as you like, but it must contain two or more digits at the end as part of Signal’s anti-spoofing efforts. You can even delete your username entirely as this is an optional feature.

Naturally, you’ll still need a phone number to sign up for Signal, but note that with the new default setting, your number will no longer be visible to everyone (you can change this setting manually if needed). There will also be a new option that prevents people from finding you by your number; they will need to have your exact unique username to do so. In other words, people who already have your number won’t necessarily know you’re also on Signal, which is good if you prefer to remain anonymous in public groups on that platform.

As is the case with any new feature, people like spammers and scammers will eventually find a way to abuse the usernames since you won’t be able to verify their numbers immediately. Pro tip: When you see new contacts who look like you know them, always check with them in another way—preferably in person, or at least over the phone. You can look for these new Signal features in a few weeks, or try them early beta exemption.