Premium users in Canada, Ireland and New Zealand will have access to 15 hours of audiobook listening per month at no additional cost . Subscribers in the US, UK and Australia have had access to this benefit.

The Premium Audiobook catalog now includes more than 250,000 titles. That’s a remarkable increase from the 200,000 audiobooks that were in the library at the end of 2023. So when you can use a change from the millions of songs and podcasts on Spotify, you’ll have plenty of books to choose from.

Those who reach the 15-hour limit can add more audiobook listening time in 10-hour top-ups. In new markets, additional listening time costs $14.99 CAD $12.99 IRE or $19.99 NZD $1 .

As of last month, Spotify is available in the US. At $10, that’s $1 per month less than Spotify Premium for the same 15 hours of audiobook listening time. However, depending on the length of the books you listen to, this plan may be more affordable than Audible, which gives you one audiobook credit per month for $15. However, unused Spotify audiobook listening time does not carry over to the next month.