The portable gaming market is getting pretty interesting. Since the release of the Valve Steam Deck, we’ve seen great options from a host of big and small brands. And there are a large number of notebooks that have their own unique take on design. Among them is the Tecno Pocket Go.

While most gaming laptops come with a screen, the Tecno Pocket Go is simply a controller that packs all the gaming hardware inside. Instead of a screen, the gaming handheld comes with a pair of AR glasses, which might not seem like an advantage, but it is. As far as specs go, it’s not inferior to current flagships, which means you should be able to play almost any game on it.

More about Tecno Pocket Go Gaming Handheld

So there is a lot to talk about as the Tecno Pocket Go is packed with features. But among them all, here are the main highlights:

The smallest handheld gaming device focused on AR

As Tecno claims, the Pocket Go is the smallest handheld AR gaming device on the market. While this claim cannot be disputed as the company has yet to provide details on the dimensions, the design of the device is certainly interesting.

While most pocket gaming devices come with a small screen, the Pocket Go has no screen at all. Instead, it comes bundled with a pair of AR glasses. With this you can get a screen that is similar to a 215 inch screen placed 6 meters away from you.

As for the AR glasses, they carry two 0.71-inch micro OLED displays, which the company says can offer great visuals. Given the screen size the glasses offer, it will almost be like playing games on a movie theater screen. And with that, Pocket Go can take immersive gaming to the next level.

6D gaming experience

Wondering what the handheld gaming experience will be like? As Tecno describes, the AR glasses with the advanced Pocket Go controller provide 6D gaming. It includes Vision Track, Sensory Sync and realistic vibrations. The company let people experience the notebook at MWC 2024 and the overall response was pretty good.

Tecno Pocket Go Gaming Handheld Controller

Talking about the controller, Tecno says it has made the right adjustments to make the pocket competitive. This means you won’t be inconvenienced while playing fast-paced games with Pocket Go.

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Powerful hardware of Tecno Pocket Go

Under the hood, the Tecno Pocket Go comes with one of the latest AMD Hawk Point processors. Specifically, the handheld gaming device includes AMD Ryzen 7 8840HS, which carries 8 cores and 16 threads. With a turbo frequency of up to 5.1 GHz and Radeon 780M iGPUThe APU can handle most games you throw at it.

Tecno Pocket Go CPU RAM and Storage

But it’s not just the AMD APU that makes the Tecno Pocket Go a capable gaming handheld. It also features 16 GB of LPPDR5 RAM, which is combined with a 1 TB PCIe 4.0 SSD. This combination makes the handheld capable of handling intensive games and applications with ease.

Tecno has also integrated a powerful cooling system to ensure stable performance. To be more specific, the Pocket Go handheld gaming device has three copper pipes that come into direct contact with the AMD APU. This cooling system makes the system capable of delivering 35 watts of power.

Reliable battery life for continuous gaming

Another factor where the Tecno Pocket Go shines is in terms of battery life. First of all, the handheld has a good cooling setup that will ensure the internals can run cool and not consume more power than they need to.

Then there’s the fact that the Pocket Go gaming device comes with a 50 Wh battery. In comparison, the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally come with a 40 Wh battery. But it’s not just about a better Wh rating. Tecno has adopted a design that allows you to replace the battery when it runs out.

Key highlights of Tecno Pocket Go

But you should note that Tecno hasn’t offered any details on whether the battery swap system is hot. If not, gamers will likely need to save their game progress, turn off the device, and then replace the battery. Even so, it’s good that the gaming pocket allows for easy battery replacement.

Other details, prices and availability of Tecno Pocket Go

There are some aspects that Tecno has not shared many details about. Among them is information about connection ports. There are no official specs for the Pocket Go yet, but from the MWC 2024 demo it looks like it will have at least two USB Type-C ports and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Next comes the pricing, which the company didn’t say anything about. But it’s worth noting that the latest handheld gaming devices come in the $700 to $800 range. Finally, we don’t know when the Pocket Go will be available for purchase. But since Tecno has already showcased the products, these unconfirmed details should come out soon.

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Tecno Pocket Go Gaming Handheld lets you play AR games on the move