Amazon has launched its latest multi-day deal event called the Big Spring Sale. The retailer’s latest attempt at a sales push isn’t as big on tech deals as its summer Prime Day event, but there are still a few gadget discounts we’re rounding up as the sale goes on. However, if you’re looking for a new Apple gadget, we’ve rounded up the best Apple deals we can find below. In truth, the selection is quite small, but we still see some decent offers for AirPods Pro, Apple Pencil and MacBook Air, by the way. We’ll update this post if more useful discounts come up. As a reminder, Amazon says the spring sale runs through March 25 and isn’t exclusive to Prime subscribers.

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The AirPods Pro still on sale for $189, matching the lowest price yet for the model with a USB-C charging case. We’ve seen this deal on Amazon for most of the past few months, but it’s still $60 less than buying directly from Apple, so it’s hard to complain. This offer is also in Best buy.

AirPods Pro are the “top pick for iOS” in our guide to the best wireless headphones: They sound good, their active noise cancellation (ANC) is strong enough for most situations, and, most importantly, they provide a few unique benefits when they’re connected to another Apple device, from faster pairing to hands-free Siri to adaptive EQ. The built-in mic isn’t the best for calls, and the six-hour battery life is just OK, but it’s still a good buy if you’re all-in on Apple. We gave the second generation AirPods Pro a score of 88 in our review. It’s worth noting that new AirPods with noise cancellation may arrive later this year, according to BloombergThis is Mark Germanbut a specifically updated version of the AirPods Pro isn’t expected until 2025.

$189 at Amazon

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The second generation Apple Pencil is back down to $79, which is another deal we’ve seen a few times in recent months, but still matches the stylus’ all-time low. Apple normally sells this model for $129, though it’s often cheaper at third-party retailers. The discount is also available at Walmart and Best buy. We recommend the second-generation Pencil in our guide to the best iPad accessories. It’s the only stylus that supports pressure sensitivity in iPadOS, so it’s consistently accurate for drawing and taking notes. Because it can be attached to the side of the iPad magnetically, it is easy to connect and charge. Just make sure your the tablet is compatible first.

Note, however, that Apple is reportedly plans to to release a new pencil soon, possibly as soon as next week. It’s unclear exactly what upgrades this new model will include, but if you want the latest and greatest, it’s worth the wait. However, we’d expect any next-gen Pencil to start at a higher price than this discount, so it’s still a decent chance to save.

$79 at Amazon

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The latest MacBook Airs were only announced two weeks ago, so we haven’t seen any major discounts yet. However, if you want to upgrade sooner, entry level 13- and 15-inch models any $50 off Amazon. That drops the former to $1,050 and the latter to $1,250 – nothing huge, of course, but still a bit better than buying from Apple.

We gave the new MacBook Airs a score of 90 and now call them a top pick in our laptop buying guide. Neither model is a radical departure from its predecessor, but that’s not a bad thing: this design was already thin, light and well-made, with an accurate display, comfortable keyboard and trackpad, long battery life and enough performance for mass use. They are now slightly more powerful with upgraded M3 chips; support faster Wi-Fi 6E connections; and can output to two external displays (though only when the laptop lid is closed). Just remember that these base models only have 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, so you should only buy one if you’re sticking to less demanding tasks.

We will note that 13-inch M2 MacBook Air also on sale for $899 at B&H. That’s $100 off Apple’s list price. This model won’t be as fast or future-proof as the latest version, but it’s otherwise very similar, so it’s worth considering if you’re really looking to save money. Now discontinued M1 MacBook Air, meanwhile, is now going for $699 at Walmart. This one is a more noticeable drop from the M2 or M3 models, but at this price it’s still fast and reliable enough to make sense for those desperate to buy a MacBook for as little as possible.

$1050 at Amazon

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The Beats Studio Buds + are back on sale for $130 in various colors, which is roughly $20 off the average street price of true wireless headphones and $40 off Beats’ list price. The only time we saw them go lower was a brief drop to $120 around Black Friday. This deal is also available at other retailers including Target, Best buy and BiH.

We gave the Studio Buds+ a score of 84 last year. Since Beats is an Apple subsidiary, this pair provides many of the iOS-friendly benefits you’d get from a set of AirPods, such as faster pairing, Find My tracking, hands-free Siri and Control center integration. Unlike AirPods, they offer similar features on Android as well. A comfortable fit, decent ANC and mostly neutral sound profile also help. However, other features of AirPods like audio sharing and automatic device switching (with Apple gear) are not supported, nor are wireless charging or wear detection. And ANC and sound quality are a step down from AirPods Pro. Still, if you dig the style and want to save some cash, the Studio Buds + are worth considering.

$130 at Amazon

Quick PSA Deals for iPad

Most people should hold off on buying a new iPad right now. Apple is expected to announce new tablets in the coming weeks, with previous reports suggesting we’ll see two new iPad Pros, a revamped iPad Air and an all-new Air model with a 12.9-inch display. That said, neither 10th generation iPad nor of iPad mini are expected to be updated until later in 2024, so if one of these tablets meets your needs and you absolutely must buy a new tablet today, both should be a bit safer to buy than the iPad Air or iPad Pro. (Or the older 10.2-inch iPad, which will likely be discontinued with the next round of refreshes.) We’ll highlight a few decent prices on these devices below.

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As of this writing, 10th generation iPad available for $349 on Amazon and Best buy. That ties a record low for the 10.9-inch PC and is $100 below Apple’s list price. We wouldn’t be surprised if this device gets a permanent price cut when the new Air and Pro models are announced, but it’s a solid value at this discount either way. We gave the 10th-generation iPad a score of 85 in 2022. It lacks the laminated display, M-series chip, and pencil support of the second-generation iPad Air, but its design is almost similar, it’s quite fast for reading and streaming, and gets the same 10 hours of battery life. Its front camera is also located on the landscape edge, which is a more natural place for FaceTime calls.

$349 at Amazon

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The iPad minimeanwhile, it’s available for $400 on Amazon and Target. This is another discount we’ve seen for most of the past few months, but it still represents a $100 drop from Apple’s MSRP. This one was released back in September 2021 and is overdue for an update, but it remains the only compact tablet in Apple’s lineup. It would make the most sense if you want to treat your iPad like a high-end e-reader, since it’s the easiest model to grab with one hand and tuck into a bag. It’s still durable and fast enough for the basics beyond that, plus it works with the second-generation Apple Pencil. However, you probably wouldn’t want to use an 8.3-inch tablet for serious work. You can read our review for a full breakdown.

$400 at Amazon

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