The Google Pixel Watch 2 launched with several changes that range from faster performance to better battery life. But overall, newer smartwatch not a new unit. Instead, it’s more of a mild refresh of the first-generation wearable. It even comes with the same design as the original smartwatch.

All of this has us wondering if Google will bring some of the Pixel Watch 2’s features to the original smartwatch. Well, the March 2024 Google Pixel Feature Drop has given us the answer. This means that the original wearable now has some of the convenient features that the second-generation device debuted with.

The first generation Pixel Watch focused more on health and fitness

Most of the new features that dropped for the first Google Pixel Watch focus on the smartwatch’s health and fitness tracking capabilities. Among them is a tempo workout that will allow users to set a goal during exercise. Once the goal is set, the pace training feature will allow users to check how close they are to their goal during the workout.

For this learning to work properly, the Pixel watch will use its power-optimized motion and GPS sensors. The smartwatch will also show you the statistics on the screen. More interestingly, the wearable will send notifications when users start to drift outside their target pace.

The next new feature for the original Google Pixel Watch is heart zone training. This will allow users to track the time they spend in different heart rate zones. The wearable will categorize the zones according to the wearer’s resting heart rate and current fitness level.

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With the heart zone training feature, Google wants to give users the information they need to set personal goals. The Pixel Watch will use voice cues and haptic notifications as users move from one heart zone to another.

Pixel Watch 2

Another handy feature of the Google Pixel Watch is automatic workout detection. The smartwatch can now automatically start and stop activity tracking. There is support for rowing, treadmill, spinning, outdoor bike, spinning, running, walking and elliptical.

The latest fitness feature for the Google Pixel Watch is the Fitness Relax app. It presents breathing exercises to users and allows them to track the moments of mindfulness they have completed. This is perfect for those who sometimes need to take a moment and step back.

Transportation just got easier with Google Maps

The other new feature for the Google Pixel Watch, aside from the health and fitness ones, is related to the Google Map app. With the update installed, the app will offer public transport directions on the smartwatch. This will give users real-time information on departure times and a compass-enabled map for easier travel.

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When will the Google Pixel Watch get the March 2024 update?

Google has already started rolling out the latest March feature drop for the Pixel Watch. But in the US, the update will land on smartwatches from March 11. Although this is about a week away, the new update is certainly worth the wait. As you have already seen, it brings a lot of quality features that will make your watch experience better.

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First-Gen Google Pixel Watch Receives Some Second-Gen Features