Microsoft recently announced significant improvements to the file viewer in Microsoft 365, revolutionizing the way users interact with different types of files in OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. This upgrade eliminates the need to download files or install specific applications to preview files, offering a seamless experience for users accessing non-Office files. In a press statement, Microsoft said that users do not need to download files or install specific applications for the respective file formats on their devices to conveniently view files, including PDF files, videos, CAD drawings, Photoshop files, and more.

Improved file viewing functionality

The updated file viewer now supports over 300 file formats, allowing users to conveniently view a wide range of content such as PDF files, videos, CAD drawings, Photoshop files, and more directly in Microsoft 365. This advancement simplifies the viewing process. It also improves performance by eliminating the hassle of switching between different apps or downloading files to watch.

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Introducing the Copilot feature

In addition to expanding file format support, Microsoft is set to introduce Copilot functionality to the file viewer in May. The company made this announcement in a recent blog post. This innovative feature will enable users to create content summaries for each file in the viewer. Copilot will also allow users to ask questions about the content in the files, improving collaboration and facilitating a deeper understanding of the information presented.

The introduction of Copilot functionality represents a significant step towards improving user interaction with files within Microsoft 365. This feature will not only streamline workflows, but also promote a more interactive and engaging experience for users accessing and working with different file types.

Microsoft 365 file viewer


Overall, Microsoft’s upgrades to the Microsoft 365 file viewer have marked a significant improvement in user experience and productivity. By increasing file format support, introducing advanced features like Copilot, and enabling basic image editing and file annotation capabilities, Microsoft is addressing the growing needs of modern users who need efficient and flexible tools to seamlessly work with different types of content in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This enhancement underscores Microsoft’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enable users to work smarter, collaborate effectively, and unlock new possibilities in their digital workflows.

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Microsoft 365 file viewer upgraded – can now preview over 300 file formats