Let’s take a look at the most well-known algorithms that can make a profit when playing with the bookmakers.


This is the search for two (or more) jacking odds on different outcomes. Fakes go beyond one bookmaker’s office, requiring a lot of money to produce a tangible result. The profits here are very small – no more than a few percent, and often even less. But if betting on two opposite outcomes always yields a profit, then this approach makes sense. Forks is called an “ironclad” technique that does not require analysis of sporting events, knowledge of teams or discipline from the bettor. All you have to do is use automatic search scanners, catching the profitable odds in time.

But this has its own specifics, which makes it difficult to make a profit. You can choose a bookmaker and read reviews at: https://bookmaker-ratings.com/review/vbet-review/

The disadvantages of forks:

You have to have time to bet on both outcomes. If you hesitate, one shoulder “fork” may disappear. If a bet already placed loses, it is a big loss.

Resistance from bookmakers, who lower the maximums, nullifying the possibility of winning. Profits can be made by betting considerable amounts in a certain proportion. If you don’t comply with all the requirements of a “fork”, you’re in for a failure. An insufficient bet size rules out the implementation of this strategy.

Advantages of a fork:

  • The possibility of winning at any outcome;
  • The existence of software scanners that quickly find the right combination of odds;
  • A large number of bookmakers, which increases the likelihood of finding fork odds.

Forks is a virtually win-win strategy for betting on sports with minimal risk. But it is not always successful.

You can calculate a fork yourself. To do so, you need to determine the probability of the outcomes using the odds. If their sum is less than 100% – in front of you a fork. The percentage difference will be the potential profit.

A fork calculator can help you make quick calculations. For example, total odds in different studios are TB(3.5) 1.9, TM(3.5) 2.2. Or approximately 52.6% + 45.4% = 98%. 100% – 98% = 2%. The calculator also showed a fork, giving the ratio for a guaranteed profit.