Motorola and Lenovo announced a new cross-device management tool at MWC 2024 called Smart Connect, which allows users to seamlessly switch tasks from one device to another. For example, you can move a podcast from your phone to your tablet without losing your place using just a swipe gesture, or easily share files between connected devices using a unified sharing center. The companies haven’t released the full list of compatible devices yet, but for now they say Smart Connect will work with Lenovo PCs running Windows 10 or later, and only some Lenovo tablets and Motorola devices.

Smart Connect will allow users to navigate between multiple devices using the same keyboard and mouse seamlessly, and receive synchronized notifications on connected devices. It also brings a smart clipboard feature that serves as a single clipboard for all connected devices, so you can copy and paste items from one device to another. Smart Connect will also allow users to turn their phone into a hotspot for a connected tablet or computer, or use it as a webcam. Users will also be able to stream content from their phones to other connected devices, say to watch video on a bigger screen. Smart Connect will be available in a few months via the Microsoft Store and Google Play Store.

In addition to Smart Connect, Motorola is showing off the Adaptive Display concept it introduced last fall. Motorola’s concept movable display can transform from a slab into other forms to suit different needs, such as a tent-style setup that allows it to stand alone or be wrapped around a person’s wrist like a watch.

Motorola's Adaptive Display concept showing a display bent like a tent to stand on a table

Christopher Dilts / Motorola

Motorola's adaptive display wrapped around a person's wrist like a watchMotorola's adaptive display wrapped around a person's wrist like a watch

Christopher Dilts / Motorola

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