While there’s only one original release in India this week in the form of the Alia Bhatt-produced Poacher – based on the illegal poaching of ivory in India – we’ve got quite a few other big names across genres. For starters, Netflix will host the Screen Actors Guild Awards live for the first time, billed as a grand experiment for the streaming platform. The awards will start broadcasting at 5:00 AM (IST).

Another big-budget release is Avatar: The Last Airbender, a live-action adaptation of the popular Netflix series of the same name. However, if you followed the original series back in the day, chances are you won’t be as impressed with the adaptation. The series attracted mixed reviews from critics and ardent fans.

Then we have the final season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+ Hotstar, testing the limits of the eponymous Bad Batch.

On the international shore, there’s Through My Window 3: Looking At You, the final chapter in the Spanish romance trilogy. It follows the typical romantic dilemmas and the inability to move on after a breakup. If you haven’t yet enjoyed the first two parts, you can find them both on Netflix.

If you have an appetite for documentaries, you could pick up the new British crime documentary series Can I Tell You A Secret? which provides a chilling insight into a serial cyber stalker who has made the lives of countless women a living hell. Another choice could be an Apple TV documentary about soccer legend Messi, following him through five World Cups.

For comedy fanatics, Netflix has offered another comedy special: Mike Epps’ Ready to Sell Out. Here, the American stand-up comedian gets candid about his finances, romantic life and funny street observations.

In case you’re wondering about the Netflix documentary on the Sheena Bora murder case, which was supposed to be released on February 23, its release was halted after the CBI approached the Bombay High Court. The series will probably only premiere after it gets the green light after a special screening of the series for the Central Bureau of Investigation (are there a lot of cuts and edits to come?).

Well, that’s it for this week, folks. Happy binge eating!

A poacher

When: Now streaming

Where: Prime Video

The Poacher is a gripping thriller drama about the illegal poaching of elephant ivory, battling the green lush vegetation areas of South India. Here you will find a group of Indian Forest Service officials, NGO workers, policemen and good Samaritans risking their lives for the cause. The series is a fictional account of real harrowing incidents. The show comes from Emmy Winning Delhi Crime creator Richie Mehta. Alia Bhatt is co-producing.

Avatar The Last Airbender

When: Now streaming

Where: Netflix

If you remember the mega-hit show on Nickleodeon, you already know what this new edition is all about. Like the original animated version, the live-action adaptation is based in a world where certain people called the Avatar have the superpower to manipulate one of the four elements – water, earth, fire or air – through “bending”. Gordon Cormier stars as 12-year-old Aang, an incredible airbender who has just discovered that he is the new Avatar and must now master the four elemental forces to save the world from the tyranny of the Fire Nation. Get ready for lots of special effects and impressive moves in this eight-episode series.

30th Screen Actors Guild Awards

When: February 24

Where: Netflix

Netflix has long been trying to break into the live streaming sector. The platform made its debut in the field with sports events and recently bought streaming rights to WWE RAW.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards could usher in a new avenue to expand the platform. The event will recognize the best achievements in film and television performance for 2023. While last year’s ceremony was broadcast on Netflix’s YouTube channel, this is the first time Netflix will stream an event of its kind.

Some of the major films nominated in the categories are Barbie, Maestro, Rustin, Oppenheimer, Killers of the Color Moon, The Color Purple and many more. Web series include Succession, The Morning Show, The Last of Us, Barry and The Bear, and more.


When: Now streaming

Where: Apple TV+

Imagine you are an astronaut returning to Earth after a major accident in space. But now many parts of your life are missing. Scary, right? Noomi Rapace steps into the shoes of this doomed astronaut in Apple TV’s latest psychological drama Constellation. All he has are broken memories and disturbing discoveries to uncover the truth.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3

When: Now streaming

Where: Disney+ Hotstar

Season 3 picks up shortly after the end of Season 2, with Omega (Michelle Ang) still under the Empire’s rule. Many challenges from previous seasons must be answered in this one.

The two new interesting terms introduced in the series are the M-Count (microscopic life forms found in all living cells) and Project Necromancer, which revolves around securing Palpatine’s resurrection.

While this may be the final season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the first three episodes that the platform dropped today confirmed the series’ multiple connections to other Star Wars movies and shows, including The Mandalorian. New episodes will air every week until the end of May 1, 2024.

Through my window: I’m looking at you

When now

Where: Netflix

In case you haven’t seen the first two parts, the Through My Window movies have a girl named Raquel as the protagonist who is hopelessly in love with her neighbor Ares, whom she admires from her window. Ares, by the way, is oblivious to her existence, let alone her feelings. Things take a hilarious turn when he starts reciprocating, despite his family’s protests.

Raquel and Ares went their separate ways in part 2 but can’t seem to move on with their lives. In this installment, the duo is seen with other people as they struggle with the burning memories they share. Like a typical romantic comedy, when the two’s paths cross again, emotional turmoil is inevitable. Tune in to find out if they’ll get back together.

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