Apple is poised to introduce significant updates to Safari with the upcoming iOS 18 and macOS 15 releases later this year. Among the new features, according to a recent report, is an AI-powered tool called “Smart Search.” This tool will offer capabilities such as page summarization, allowing users to quickly grasp the main points of web content without reading everything. In addition, a “Web Eraser” feature is also about to debut, which could provide users with enhanced privacy controls or options to manage web page content. These updates show Apple’s commitment to integrate more advanced technology into its browser, improving both functionality and user experience.

New iOS 18 features for Safari

Apple Insider’s Marko Zivkovic’s report outlining potential Safari updates notes that the “exact implementation” of these new features “remains unclear.” This suggests that while features are under development, their final form and functionality are not yet final. Given this uncertainty, it would be wise to view these claims with some skepticism until more concrete information is available or until Apple provides official confirmation and details about the updates.

According to a report by Marko Zivkovic, Apple is planning to redesign the control menu in Safari’s address bar. This new design aims to consolidate both existing and new page control tools into one central location, making them more accessible and easier to use. One of the notable additions to this new menu is a feature they call “Smart Search by Reports”. This tool will improve the browser’s search capabilities, possibly by integrating advanced AI technologies to improve the way users find and interact with information on the web. The specifics of how Smart Search will work aren’t yet known, but its inclusion suggests a move toward smarter, more user-friendly browsing.

The Smart Search feature, part of the upcoming Safari 18, is turned off by default in test versions, but users can enable it from the new address bar menu. Once enabled, this tool will be able to identify key topics and phrases within a web page and subsequently generate a summary of its content. This functionality aims to simplify the process of quickly digesting information, making it particularly useful for users who view extensive or complex content.

Availability of the new features of the Safari browser Safari browser

The report suggests that Apple aims to integrate text summarization into Safari 18 later this year, improving the browser’s usefulness as a research and reading tool. However, as mentioned earlier, the details of how this feature will work remain unclear and the exact details of its implementation are still being worked out. This “fuzzy” status indicates that while the feature is a promising addition, its final form may still be subject to change as it undergoes further testing and refinement.

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Arc, developed by The Browser Company, is another example of how AI technologies are being integrated into web browsers, including features like page summarization. This trend highlights the growing focus on improving the user experience through smart tools that simplify online interactions.

Similarly, the upcoming Safari 18, which will come with iOS 18 and macOS 15, may also adopt new AI-powered features. One such feature is “Web Eraser”. According to Marko Zivkovic, this tool will give users the ability to selectively remove or delete specific parts of web pages. In particular, this will be useful for clearing pages, focusing on specific content, or controlling how information is displayed on the screen based on user preferences. Web Eraser can greatly enhance Safari’s customization capabilities, making it a more flexible tool for personal web browsing.

Take control of your web browsingSafari browser

The “Web Eraser” feature in the upcoming Safari 18 promises to offer users finer control over their web browsing experience by allowing them to selectively remove elements such as ads, images and other content from web pages. This functionality mirrors what some third-party ad blockers already provide, but Apple’s first-party implementation in iOS 18 and macOS 15 could offer a more seamless and integrated experience.

A notable aspect of “Web Eraser” is its ability to remember a user’s changes to a web page for future visits. According to Marko Zivkovic, once a user makes changes to a web page using this feature, Safari will save those changes and reapply them every time the user revisits that page, even if they close the original tab or window. This persistence improves user experience by ensuring that their browsing experience remains consistent across sessions, tailored to their specific preferences and needs. This can greatly improve the usability and appeal of Safari as a browser that truly adapts to individual browsing habits and requirements.

When a user returns to a web page where they previously used the Web Eraser feature to change content, Safari will alert them that changes have been made to the page to their preferences. This notification ensures that users are aware that the content they are seeing is not the original version, but has been customized based on their previous interactions. Safari will also provide an option to undo these modifications, allowing users to restore the web page to its original, unmodified state if they choose. This functionality not only improves user control over their browsing experience, but also adds a level of flexibility, allowing users to easily switch between modified and original content views depending on their current needs or preferences.


In conclusion, Apple’s upcoming Safari update in iOS 18 and macOS 15 promises exciting improvements with AI-powered features such as “Smart Search” for page summarization and “Web Sweep” for content control. While details remain a work in progress, these additions suggest a focus on an improved user experience that makes Safari a smarter and more personalized browsing tool.

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