Nothing can bring us to this point. At MWC 2024, the company finally revealed its next phone in the flesh during its MWC soiree. Unfortunately, it was in a glass case – which doesn’t seem to be a great trend at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

But for a phone that looks to be the cheapest device yet, it looks good. Cool, even. The DNA of the Nothing design is fully present, with an admittedly scaled-down version of its glowing glyphs on the back. The phone looks set to mark the return of a centralized camera, gasp! What’s next, a headphone jack?

Nothing Phone 2(a)


Journalists attending the event were able to capture every angle of the new phone, which is rumored to be cheaper than the Nothing Phone 2, which was launched at a reasonable price of $599. (The original Phone 1 cost $299 in the US through a Beta membership program.) Earlier rumors put the European price at around €400 ($430), with savings from using a cheaper MediaTek processor.

Courtesy of Tom’s Guide, the tangible bezel around the display is perhaps the biggest sign of a cheaper nothing device. Still, without handling the Phone 2(a) personally, we’ll reserve judgment. The phone goes on sale on March 5.

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