In a recent development, US prosecutors have launched an investigation into Meta, Facebook’s parent company, over its potential involvement in illegal drug sales through its social media platforms. This investigation, led by prosecutors in Virginia, aims to determine whether Meta’s platforms facilitated and profited from the illegal sale of drugs. The investigation, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, includes the issuance of subpoenas and questioning as part of a criminal grand jury investigation.

Charges and investigations

The main focus of the investigation revolves around whether Meta’s social media platforms were used to facilitate and profit from the sale of illegal drugs. Prosecutors are actively seeking records related to drug content or illegal drug sales through Meta’s platforms. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) became involved in assisting the investigation, underscoring the seriousness of the matter.

According to Reuters, “prosecutors sent out subpoenas last year and asked questions as part of a criminal grand jury investigation.” They have also issued requests for any records that may have links to illegal drug sales on Meta’s platforms.

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Meta’s response and cooperation

In response to these allegations, Meta emphasized its commitment to combating the sale and distribution of illegal drugs. A spokesperson for Meta said the sale of illegal drugs is against the company’s policies and they are actively working to identify and remove such content from their services. In addition, Meta has expressed proactive cooperation with law enforcement agencies in their efforts to combat the sale and distribution of illegal drugs.

A spokesperson for Meta made it clear that Meta has no ties to the sale of illicit drugs. He added that the company will provide authorities with all the assistance they need in their investigation. The spokesman said

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“The sale of illegal drugs is against our policies and we are working to find and remove this content from our services… Meta proactively cooperates with law enforcement to help combat the sale and distribution of illegal drugs.”

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Joint efforts and partnerships

Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, highlighted the company’s joint initiatives to address drug-related issues. Clegg mentioned that Meta is partnering with the US State Department, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and Snapchat to disrupt the sale of synthetic drugs online. They also collaborated to educate consumers about the risks involved. This collaborative approach reflects Meta’s commitment to addressing the challenges posed by the illicit drug trade on social media platforms.

Legal challenges and past charges

This investigation is not the first legal challenge Meta has faced in the United States. The company was previously embroiled in a lawsuit in Delaware, where several investment funds alleged that Meta’s directors and senior executives were aware of widespread human trafficking and child sexual exploitation on Facebook and Instagram but failed to address it effectively with these problems. Meta’s legal representatives opposed the lawsuit, saying the alleged conduct did not cause the company to suffer “corporate injury” as required by Delaware law. Meta also claims that the allegations in the lawsuit are speculative and based on potential future damages or losses.


The ongoing investigation by U.S. prosecutors into Meta’s role in illegal drug sales underscores the complexities and challenges social media platforms face in regulating and monitoring content related to illegal activities. Meta’s proactive stance in cooperation with law enforcement, as well as its collaborative efforts with various organizations, demonstrate a commitment to addressing these critical issues. As the investigation progresses, the results will shed light on the extent of Meta’s involvement in the fight against illegal drug sales. It will also disclose the measures taken to ensure the safety and integrity of its platforms.

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U.S. prosecutors probes Meta’s role in the sales of illicit drugs