Google announced multiple Android updates to launch at MWC this year, including Gemini integration with Messages and AI-based text summaries when you drive. Starting this week, Messages users will be able to access Google’s chatbot without leaving the text messaging app. Gemini in messaging can handle basic tasks like drafting messages and helping with event planning, or you can just chat with him if you’re bored. The feature is still in beta and is currently only available to English-language messaging users, Google says.

Android Auto also gets an AI boost that can help minimize distractions from people texting you while you’re on the road. If a group chat is blowing up your phone with endless messages, or if someone is sending you text novels, Android Auto will automatically summarize the messages and read you their shorter version. It will also suggest replies and actions based on messages, such as sharing your ETA, so you can reply with one tap and focus on driving.

Android Auto is shown on a rendering of a car infotainment screen showing a message to a contact named Briana Travis asking


Google also announced some new accessibility features for Android at MWC, including AI-generated image captions in the Lookout app. It will be able to generate descriptions for images found online or received in messages and read them aloud to the user. The feature is only available in English to begin with, but is rolling out globally. Google’s Lens feature in Maps is also getting an improved screen reader option that will let users point their phone’s camera at something in front of them, like a restaurant or transit stop, and hear information about it.

The Android updates also include new casting controls for Spotify, called Spotify Connect, so users can seamlessly switch between their devices, such as from your headphones to a speaker. This feature was already available for YouTube Music.

A phone showing Spotify Connect streaming controls with multi-device options for the user to choose fromA phone showing Spotify Connect streaming controls with multi-device options for the user to choose from


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