Eken Group has reportedly issued a firmware update to resolve major security issues with its low-cost doorbell cameras that were discovered by User reports investigation earlier this year. The cameras in question pair with the Aiwit app and are sold under multiple brand names, including Eken, Tuck, Fishbot, Rakeblue, Andoe, Gemee and Luckwolf. During its tests, the guard found that unencrypted cameras can reveal sensitive information such as home IP addresses and Wi-Fi networks and allow outside parties to access images from the camera’s feed using its serial number. now, User reports says the issues are fixed – just make sure you update your devices.

Devices from these brands should now reflect firmware version 2.4.1 or higher, which would mean they have received the update. User reports says his own samples received the update automatically, but it can’t hurt to double-check your settings, given the risks (that is, if you haven’t already dumped the cameras). The release says the update has been confirmed to fix security issues. Eken also said User reports that the two doorbell cameras rated “Do Not Buy” — the Eken Smart Video Doorbell and the Tuck Sharkpop Doorbell Camera — have been discontinued.

These doorbell cameras, which were sold on popular e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Walmart and Temu, but then appear to have been recalled, also lacked the proper labeling required by the FCC. The company said User reports it will add these identifiers to new products moving forward. After your update tests, User reports removed the warning labels from its scorecards.