Forterra construction manufacturer reached the first milestone of its £ 27 million investment in Staffordshire when the destruction of its Wilnecote factory began. The destruction of the 30-year-old factory will make room for a newly modernized facility, bringing it into line with current standards of efficiency and sustainability.

The reconstruction project will include the installation of a new furnace, dryers and processing equipment and will allow the factory to create a wider range of high quality brick products, including increased production of the famous Staffordshire Blue Brick. These changes should allow the production of 35 million bricks a year, increasing productivity by about 40%.

In addition, it will provide Forterra with an additional opportunity for new contracts within the commercial markets and specifications markets, including the delivery of materials for larger construction projects such as schools and hospitals.

Forterra started working on a project worth 27 million British pounds to destroy its old Wilnecote facility and build a new modern factory at the place / photo: Forterra

Stephen Harrison, CEO of Forterra, said: “As one of the largest British manufacturers of construction products, we strive to put a benchmark in terms of production, productivity and sustainability. In accordance with our strategic focus on superiority in production, our new Wilnecote facility will allow us to respond to the growing demand for bricks, as the pace of housing construction continues to accelerate on a national scale and decisive to balance this with a larger range in the commercial market and markets with specifications. “

The destruction will be carried out in parts, with the final part of the factory being expected to be destroyed in December. The factory is expected to be closed for about nine months to allow construction, with the staff being redistributed elsewhere for the period until the renovated factory is re -opened at the end of 2023.

This is Forterra’s second object to undergo significant changes this year as work continues at the Desford site in Leicestershire, where a £ 95 million project will transform it into the largest and most energetic brick factory in Europe, double up to 180 million bricks a year.

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Work underway on Forterra’s £27m factory investment